Well for all of us here in India traveling through train is a normal routine and that in such a populated country train is what has connected on state to another and so could travel easily but the country is so very populated people have got to book tickets in advance and everything relate to railways has been taken care of by the IRCTC and Irctc introducing the their official website on internet was the perfect thing that could have happened and today it has become so very easy and simple where everything related to train schedule, ticket availability, urgent tickets are all possible and with urgent tickets we meant, the Tatkal Tickets which was introduced a while ago by Mr. Nitish Kumar which gave people another chance to get tickets one day prior of the day of journey and so here we will guide you all people with the IRCTC Login Page Tatkal Booking Indian Railways Seat Availability www.irctc.co.in.

Irctc Login Page Online On www.irctc.co.in |Indian Railway

Well a lot has been taken care of and the whole system of booking tickets has became even more simpler with www.irctc.co.in coming in where people don’t have to move to the railway counter and wait in long queue for tickets with an unsurity off weather conformed tickets would even be possible or no and so that is what Irctc.co.in had made it possible, all you need is just an internet connectivity and every information regarding the Train schedule, Railway Ticket Availability, PNR Status, Ticket Fare etc, can be provided all in here but to access all of this all you need is an Irctc account that would help you have all your details and would be synchronized through your mail and all the tickets that you have been booking through Irctc and your train and journey history details would be all stored in the database of your account.

Irctc Login Tatkal Tickets Booking For Indian Railway

Well Tatkal is one of the most efficient Railway service that Irctc few years back came up with which helps you book reservation tickets one day prior the actual journey that you would like to make means if you plan to travel day after tomorrow then the ticket for the day would be book yesterday in the morning, as the Tatkal ticket window has a condition that it opens online for an hour that to at 10 a.m. sharp. And also for this Tatkal service the Irctc site has a separate link through which you can book your ticket and would guide you people here with that in this section of Irctc Login Tatkal Tickets Booking for Indian Railway.

  • Browser the separate Tatkal link www.services.irctc.co.in and that will lead you to this Irctc Login Tatkal Page.Irctc Login Page Online On www.irctc.co.in Indian Railway
  • Enter id and password in the Login column and you will find your account being open.
  • In the far above left side a column of details with the boarding and arrival station along with the date of journey would help you plan your journey after filling out that a list of train moving from that route would sweep down on the screen.
  • Choose the deserving train that you would like your journey to carry on with and then need to fill your details, Name, Gender, Berth, etc and then will find an option ok, click the button.
  • This will show you your Tatkal Ticket ready, click on Proceed to Payment and get your Tatkal ticket booked successfully.

How To Check Irctc Seat Availability On www.irctc.co.in

For checking the seat availability your no more would have to go to the railway station, stand in the long queue and then inquire as Irctc.co.in can get your every details regarding any train that you would like to inquire about, all you need is just an account on Irctc site, so here we will guide you people with How To Check Irctc Seat Availability On www.irctc.co.in.

  • Browser www.irctc.co.in for seat availability and enter with your id and password in the Irctc Login column.How To Check Irctc Seat Availability On www.irctc.co.in
  • After you have successfully logged in you then need to fill out details regarding the train boarding and arrival station along with the date of journey.
  • Entering that will bring you people with the list of trains, choosing on and then clicking on it with sweep down one more column above the list.
  • Irctc Login Tatkal Tickets Booking For Indian Railway
  • This column will have the train availability of the tickets, if available then click on Book Now and if not then try looking for with another train.

Booking railway tickets became even more easier with the system that Irctc came up with, all you got to do is to login with your personal account on www.irctc.co.in and book tickets of your own easily.

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    How To Check Indian Railway PNR Status
    IRCTC PNR is a number to check the status of your ticket whether it is booked or it is in waiting state. If you want to check your PNR status then Click on this link here http://irctcindianrailway.in/pnr-status and Enter the 10 Digit PNR number. PNR number is on the top left corner of the ticket. After Entering click on ‘Check PNR status’ button and you will get your PNR status.

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